Superfood that will Improve your blood and prevent the process of aging

Beetroot, also known as beet, has been gaining in popularity as a new super food due to recent studies claiming that beets and beetroot juice can improve athletic performance, lower blood pressure, and increase blood flow.

This plant is packed with:

  • Vitamin B12;
  • Iron;
  • Carbs;
  • Betaine;
  • Betanin;
  • Healthy fats.

It can boost the blood and their medical properties, useful for the bone and teeth demineralization. Due to the high content of iodine, beets can prevent atherosclerosis and stop the process of aging.

Betaine and betadine are rare and highly powerful compounds which can regulate the blood pressure, keep the blood vessels healthy, stimulates proper liver function, and lowers cholesterol.

If you cook it, its nutritional values will be reduced, and thus it is recommended to be consumed raw, or you can prepare yourself a beetroot juice using the following recipe:


  • 2 apples
  • 1 large beet
  • 1 one-inch piece of ginger
  • Ice


  • If you have a juicer, run the beetroot and the ginger piece through it.
  • If you have a juicer, run the beetroot Cut the apples into quarters, remove the cores, and peel the apples. Throw the quarters into the juicer, and mix the apple juice in with the beet and ginger juice. Add a bit of ice to make the juice cold, and enjoy!and the ginger piece through it.

The plant can be used for beauty purposes. Apply its juice on our face to hydrate your skin and remove the dead cells on your skin. You can get a nice and red shine if you use it on your hair. Add the plant into your diet to reap the benefits and get the nutritional values. Also please keep in mind that :

  • Beetroot juice can turn your urine and stools red (especially in people with iron deficiency) because it contains dark carotenes called betacyanins that aren’t absorbed.5 Fear not — it’s nothing to worry about!
  • People with kidney problems should avoid beetroot juice.Beets contain oxalates that can concentrate in body fluids and then crystallize in kidneys.
  • Some who consume beets experience upset stomach, diarrhea and nausea. This is because of a substance called betaine.6 It’s one of the reasons why beetroot juice manufacturers make concentrated juice “shots.”